If you’re experiencing pain in your feet, knees, legs, and/or back as a result of wearing shoes with little to no support, custom foot orthotics may be right for you!

Custom foot orthotics are designed to align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically efficient position. They look similar to insoles, but are bio-medical appliances that are custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance. The plastic body of the custom orthotic helps to re-align the foot while you walk. We understand that everyone is different, which is why custom foot orthotics are made just for you.

Better Than OTC Orthotics

Right now you might be wondering if custom-made orthotics are worth it. Can’t I just go to the store and buy the cheaper orthotics?

Yes, you can go to the store and buy the cheaper orthotics—along with the glasses that aren’t your prescription, or the over-the-counter medicine that only masks your symptoms.

The difference in our functional orthotics is focused on your overall health. They offer more than just short-term symptom relief. Functional orthotics help support whole-body wellness for a lifetime.

Over-the-Counter Orthotics

1. Only support one arch and often overcorrect, causing more harm than good
2. Do not provide custom support for your gait
3. Just add cushioning to treat the symptom rather than the underlying problem
4. Durability is questionable, so you may spend more money over time replacing them
5. Offer generic solutions for a number of foot conditions

Custom-Made, Functional Orthotics

1. Three-arch support for your plantar vault helps balance the body
2. Patented Gait Cycle System® offers support through each phase of your gait
3. Promotes optimum posture and enhances and secures Chiropractic adjustments
4. Guaranteed or your money back
5. Individually designed based on 3D imaging or impressions of your feet

What and Why Orthotics?

Functional orthotics are prescription “shoe inserts.” They’re custom-made to easily slide into your shoe and support the unique shape of your feet. They replace the generic insole included with shoes and are designed to align your spine, hips, and neck, as well as secure Chiropractic adjustments beyond the adjusting table.

Just as everyone has a unique personality, everyone has a unique body structure and foot shape. The benefit of using custom-made orthotics, rather than generic, mass-produced ones, is that they’re perfectly fitted to you.

Why Do I Need Them “Custom-Made”

Your health is paramount. Wearing custom- made orthotics will ensure that you stay at the
pinnacle of performance for the longest possible time. Our orthotics optimize the body by:

• Providing momentum for movement
• Permitting flexibility to accommodate changes in terrain
• Giving strength to support the weight of the entire body

When it comes to your health, custom-made is the only grade of product that will truly benefit you.

Posture starts from the ground up. Custom- made, functional orthotics help maintain the foot’s three-arch structure called the plantar vault, which helps correct spine, neck, and hip alignment. Generic, over-the-counter orthotics only support one arch, and are manufactured to fit the “average” foot.

Orthotics Offer Three-Arch Support

When you look down at the underside of your feet, how many arches do you see? One? Two?

There are actually three arches in your foot:

Plantar Vault
A – C = Inner Arch
(Medial Longitudinal Arch)

B – C = Outer Arch
(Lateral Longitudinal Arch)

A – B = Across the Ball of Foot
(Anterior Transverse [Metatarsal] Arch)

Foot Levelers custom-made, functional orthotics support each arch with the 3 Arch Advantage™, which is built into all of our orthotics.

Foot Levelers functional orthotics support the three arches, the 26 bones and 33 joints, and more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your foot. They help maintain the structure of the plantar vault to help balance the entire body.

Over-the-counter orthotics only support one arch in your foot. When only one arch is being supported, it may not maintain the structure of your plantar vault, and problems can arise in other parts of your body.

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